10C - Advanced Selective Pairing:

A2DP Stereo or Handsfree When you are using a smartphone, sometimes you may need to selectively use the 10C for A2DP stereo music only or for mobile phone handsfree only. These instructions are for advanced users who want to pair the 10C to their smartphones with only one selective profile: A2DP for stereo music of HFP for phone calls. If you have previously paired a mobile phone to the 10C, you must clear the previous pairing list on both devices: the mobile phone and the 10C. To clear the pairing list on the 10C, please do a factory reset or follow the pairing list clearing procedure described in section 18.4, “Factory Reset” or 15.1.10, “Delete All Bluetooth Pairing Information”. To clear the pairing list on the mobile phone, please refer to the mobile phone manual. For most smartphones, delete the Sena 10C from the list of Bluetooth devices in the settings menu.

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