10U - Universal Intercom

You can have an intercom conversation with non-Sena Bluetooth headsets using the Universal Intercom function. Non-Sena Bluetooth headsets can be connected to the Sena Bluetooth headset if they support the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP). The working distance may differ depending on the performance of Bluetooth headset that it is connected to. In general, it is shorter than normal intercom distance since it uses the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. The Universal Intercom affects both the phone call connection and the multipoint connection (mostly used for GPS connections for riders). You cannot use a multipoint connection device while you are using the Universal Intercom in case as below.

1. If a non-Sena headset does not support a multipoint connection, it cannot use a phone call connection while using the Universal Intercom.

2. As for Sena headsets, the Universal Intercom affects the multipoint connection.

3. If non-Sena headset (already paired as Universal Intercom with Sena) is turned on, then the multipoint connection is automatically deactivated. And the non-Sena headset is automatically connected to the Sena headset as a Universal Intercom. So you cannot use multipoint connection device such as GPS, while a non-Sena headset is turned on.

4. Even though you disconnect the non-Sena headset as a Universal Intercom, it will not automatically restore the multipoint connection. To restore the multipoint connection, you should turn off the non-Sena headset first, then try to connect to multipoint device manually from the device screen or simply reboot the device so that it automatically connects to the Sena headset.


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