SPH10H-FM - VOX Intercom

If this feature is enabled, you can initiate an intercom conversation with the last connected intercom friend by speaking any word loudly enough.The most effortless way to trigger intercom VOX is to blow into the microphone as if blowing dust off the microphone. If you start an intercom conversation by VOX, the intercom terminates automatically when you and your intercom friend remain silent for 20 seconds. However, if you manually start an intercom conversation by tapping the Jog Dial, you have to terminate the intercom conversation manually. However, even when this feature is enabled, if you terminate intercom conversation manually with the Jog Dial, you are not able to start intercom by voice temporarily. In this case, you have to tap the Jog Dial to restart the intercom. This is to prevent repeated unintentional intercom connections by strong wind noise.
If you tap the Jog Dial to start an intercom conversation, it is not terminated by 20 seconds of silence. After turning SPH10H-FM off and on, you can start intercom by voice again.

You can enable/disable this feature in the configuration menu.

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