SPH10H-FM - Helmet Installation

Before installing the SPH10H-FM, remove the main unit from the earpad.

1. Pull the connector cover upward to unlock the connector and pull out the speaker cable.

2. Slide upward the main unit to remove from the earpad.

3. Insert the two plastic tabs of the SPH10H-FM on the headset earpads into the left and right side of your helmet. You may use the tab insertion tool located in the package to help insert the plastic tabs into your helmet. Place the tab insertion tool against the tab side with hook and loop fastener. Insert the tab and tab insertion tool at the same time into the helmet. When the tab is in the proper position, slide the tab insertion tool out. The hook and loop fastener will now hold the tab securely in place.

4. Pass through the Y strap of the helmet into the guide strap of the earpads.

5. Attach the main unit to the earpad. Insert the main unit on the earpad until you feel the click that signals a secure attachment.

6. Insert the speaker cable connector over the Y strap into the main unit and push the connector cover down to lock the connector in place.

7. Please make sure that one of the headset earpads with the microphone is located on the left side of your helmet.

8. Tuck in the cable that connects left and right earpads, between the helmet shell and protective padding or inside the helmet.


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