10Upad - Configuration Menu

You can set the configuration of the 10Upad by the voice menu instruction described below. 1. To enter into voice configuration menu, press and hold the Center Button for 10 seconds until the LED shows solid blue and you hear high toned double beeps. You will also hear a voice prompt, “Configuration menu”. 2. Tap the (+) Button or the (-) Button to navigate between the menus. You will hear voice prompts for each menu item as below. 3. You can enable/disable a feature or execute a command by tapping the Center Button. 4. If no button is pressed within 10 seconds, the 10Upad will exit the configuration and go back to stand-by mode. 5. If you want to exit the configuration immediately, tap the (+) Button or the (-) Button until you hear a voice prompt, “Exit configuration”, and tap the Center Button.



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