3S - Helmet Installation (Attachable Boom Mic Type)

Installing the 3S on Your Helmet - Attachable Boom Microphone Type

1. Peel off the hook fasteners for the speakers and attach them on the back sides of the speakers.

2. Attach the loop fasteners for the speakers in the deep ear pockets of your helmet.

3. Place the speakers in the helmet along with the hook and loop fasteners, centered to your ear.

4. Locate a suitable surface on the left side of your helmet to attach the unit, clean the location with a moistened towel, and allow to dry thoroughly.

5. Peel off the adhesive tape covers of the control unit and attach it on your helmet.

6. Attach the hook and loop fastener for the boom microphone between the internal helmet cheek pad and the internal wall of the helmet shell. Place the attachable boom microphone on the hook and loop fastener and attach the microphone connector to the 2 pin connector of the main unit cable. The microphone should be mounted so it is positioned close to your mouth when you are wearing the helmet.

7. Hide the wire under the helmet padding after the installation.

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