20S - Facts about the battery in my headset.

It is not recommended for a customer to replace the battery in any our products. In addition, Sena does not sell individual batteries in our store for our products for a customer to buy. If a battery has become defective and needs replacing then it is recommended to send in the product for a replacement through our RMA warranty service.

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    John Kersh

    Love my 20S. Hate the battery life. 10 hours is marginally OK, but sometimes I get less than 6.  I do play music 100% of the time via a BT dongle, and have music sharing on if my wife is with me. I have taken to carrying a USB cable to charge up at lunch stops, or while riding. The 'check battery' seems to go from 'battery level is high' to 'battery level is low' 'good by' without much intermediate warning.

    I would like to suggest that in the future the battery be replaceable so you could swap in a spare as needed. Similar to mobile phones or digital cameras. Or an auxiliary battery pack that would attach and extend up time.


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    Tedd Greenwald

    WARNING!!! I attempted to use a generic LiPo eBay battery to get my SMH5 going. It was a tight fit and when I screwed the 2 half together the battery started to smoke badly. Luckily no fire but just a Warning not to do it yourself with out an EXACT replacement. 

    I ruined my unit but just purchased 2 new ones as they have been great for a few  years of use.

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    Old thread, but here's my take on it:

    First of all, I have been riding with Sena for a very long time.  However I use IEMs (ear buds) and have never used the speakers - as a result I have yet to be able to discharge the batteries even after 14 hour riding days (though if I don't charge them up I can't get through a second day).  This makes sense because it takes some serious power to drive the speakers.

    I run 20s modules these days, but have one SMH10B that a friend will be taking over since he'd like to join in on the Intercom conversations and he won't spend any money to do so.  The jog dial was sticky, so I decided to see what I could do about it.

    The solution was to apply a drop of Ultra-lite oil (from Woodland Scenics) to the jog dial gasket.

    But given it's age and the fact that this was being donated to a friend who bought a BMW K1600GTL but wouldn't spend money to buy an intercom module I figured 'what the heck' and opened the unit up to satisfy my innate curiosity.  It wasn't in any way complicated - 3 torx head screws and it opens right up - the 20s is obviously as simple, but since mine are under warranty I'll wait until that's done before opening those up to check.

    There is a LOT of room for a larger battery in the SMH10B - and I see no reason why batteries shouldn't be made available as a user changeable part, nor why they don't offer a larger battery as an option.

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