Differences between the SMH10 and the SMH10R.

  • The SMH10R has a smaller form factor and operates using only 3 buttons, the plus (+) button, the center button, and the minus (-) button.
  • The battery for the SMH10R is external and can be installed on the backside of the helmet whereas the SMH10 has an internal battery.
  • The SMH10R comes with the Universal Microphone kit whereas the SMH10 comes in two different packages, the Speaker- Microphone Clamp Unit - Basic Kit (SMH10-10) or the Speaker-Microphone Clamp Unit with Universal Microphone Clamp Kit (SMH10-11).
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    Ronald L Vincent

    Very useful

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    Manual says that the SMH10R ver 5.1 has VOX sensitivity settings (capter 6.8) and SMH10 didn't have that option on manual


    so I don't understand - is the manuals have a bug or it's a diffrent, in VOX sensitivity option betwen both model?

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