20S - Using Smartphone App.

How do I use the SmartPhone App for the 20S?

 1. Pair and connect a Sena 20S to your iPhone or Android phone using the instructions in the Mobile Phone Pairing section found in the User’s Manual for the 20S.

*Note: you can pair and connect your mobile phone before starting the Smartphone App or you can pair it through the app itself.

2. After pairing and connecting your mobile phone, the app will show that the Sena 20S is connected and show what the current firmware version that is on the headset.

3. Tap the icon in the upper left to see the following sections that are available on the Smartphone App: My Device, My Group, Quick Guide, and Settings.

4. To see your current intercom group and to be able to create intercom groups through the Smartphone App, tap the My Group selection.

5. The “My Group” section is the status screen of the current intercom group that is currently available on your phone. Since the intercom group has not been created yet, this screen will only show your paired headset.

6. To create an intercom group, tap the Group Settings button at the bottom.

7. In the Group Settings menu, you can create an intercom group by adding other 20S headsets through the app.

8. Press the “Add” button to scan and add 20S headsets to your intercom group.

9. When the scanning is complete, you can press the “Test” button to cause that scanned headset to produce a sound through its own speakers. The app will prompt you if you hear the sound through the speakers, if you do then choose “Yes”.

10. Press the “Add” button in the list of Scanned Devices to add that headset into your group.

11. If you want to edit the intercom group so that you can delete members of the group or change the connection order, press the “Edit” button in the top right of the app.

12. When you are done editing the intercom group, press the “Done” button in the top right of the app.

13. The check boxes on the right side of the Group Settings menu indicates which headsets will be connected when the group intercom is started.

14. Pressing the check next to the headset that is paired and connected to your mobile phone will select all members within the group.

**Note: Only the boxes that are checked will get saved to the 20S. Unchecked means that it can still be saved to the mobile phone.

15. To save this group intercom list from your mobile phone to your Sena 20S, press the “Save to My (Sena 20S)” button. The app will prompt you if you want to save this list your 20S and you can press “Yes”.

16. By selecting “Yes”, the “Connect” button will be available so that when you press this button it activate the group intercom and cause all headsets with a check mark to connect to the group intercom.

17. In addition to creating the intercom group, you can also edit the name of your 20S along with any of the members of your intercom group or you can save your intercom group as Favorite Group 1, 2, or 3.

18. Besides the “My Group” section where you can create and manage intercom groups, there is the also the Quick Guide. The Quick Guide, shows you a simplified version of the manual for the 20S where you can scroll through and zoom in and out of.

20. Lastly, there is the Settings section. The Settings section has three sub-sections, Basic Setting, Speed Dial, and FM Radio.

21. The Basic Setting menu allows you to enable or disable settings such as VOX Phone or Sidetone and change the Intercom-Audio Overlay Sensitivity level for your 20S.

22. The Speed Dial menu allows you to enter up to three phone number presets for the Speed Dial feature on the 20S.

23. The FM Radio menu allows you to enter up to 10 FM radio station presets for the FM Radio feature on the 20S.




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