20S - Mobile Phone and GPS Pairing Configuration #5

Mobile Phone Pair for phone for Navigation App Support (overrides Overlay Sensitivity so the music does not get reduced by intercom).


This configuration allows you to make phone calls, answer phone calls, listen to GPS directions from a smartphone app, and listen to stereo audio from your mobile phone. With the Navigation App Support setting enabled through the Configuration Menu, the audio from a GPS navigation app will not be reduced during an intercom conversation. Additionally, the music from your mobile phone will not be reduced either during an intercom conversation.


Here are the steps for Configuration #5:

1. Pair your mobile phone to the 20S using the Mobile Phone Pairing method. On the 20S, hold down the phone button for 5 seconds until you hear the voice prompt say “phone pairing” and you see the LED flash red and blue rapidly.

2. While the 20S is in Mobile Phone Pairing mode, scan for the Sena 20S in the list of Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone and when it appears select it to pair the two devices together.

3. Enter the Configuration Menu, by either holding down the Jog Dial for 12 seconds or using the “Configuration” voice command. Rotate the Jog Dial to cycle through the device settings until you hear the voice prompt say “Navigation App Support”.

4. Press the phone button to enable the “Navigation App Support” setting.

5. After enabling the Navigation App Support setting, rotate the Jog Dial till you hear the voice prompt say “Exit Configuration” then press the phone button to confirm.


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