20S - Configuring the Motion Sensor.

Motion Sensor Sensitivity determines the sensitivity when you double tap on the surface of the 20S to enter voice command mode. Here is how to adjust the sensitivity level of the Motion Sensor.


1. Enter the Configuration Menu by holding down the Jog Dial for 12 seconds until the voice prompt says "Configuration menu". You can also enter the voice command system and give the voice command "Configuration".

2. Rotate the Jog Dial until you hear the voice prompt, “Motion sensor sensitivity”.

3. Tap the Phone Button once. This will lead you to level adjustment mode. Default is at low, but you may change it to high, or disable the feature by rotating the Jog Dial.

4. After you have completed the setting, tap the Phone Button to select which sensitivity level you desire.


If this feature does not work properly, then you can select Disable when cycling through the different sensitivity levels. Once disabled, you will need to use the "Hello Sena" voice command or tap the Ambient Mode Button once to activate the voice command system.

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