SMH10 - Priority Functions.

SMH10 is programmed to manage various connection types in a very specific order. Below is SMH10's function priority list.
  1. HSP/HFP (Phone or GPS audio guidance**)
  2. Intercom (Communication between SMH10s)
  3. Stereo music by audio cable through MP3 jack of the SMH10
  4. A2DP (wireless stereo music)
Higher priority function will always interrupt active lower priority function. However, upon termination of higher priority function, SMH10 will automatically return to previously active lower priority function.
**Typically, set up involving motorcycle GPS navigation system, phone will be connected to GPS; thus, GPS will regulate priority of phone and navigation audio. Most of GPS navigation systems put phone as higher priority function than guidance of GPS navigation audio.
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    How does this effect INCOMING calls from my wife's Sena? I would like the music to mute as soon as she calls. Right now I'm not getting her calls (level 2) at all while listening to Stereo music (Level 3 or 4).

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    Terry Wysocki

    Actually, it would be nice to be able to change this priority. My friend and I use the intercom a LOT so we pretty much just leave it on (because VOX sensitivity is not adjustable and manually triggering intercoms has a rather long, annoying delay). But I WOULD like to hear the voice navigation coming from my Galaxy phone. I realize that the phone has integrated the nav voice along with the music so it's not Sena's fault/issue. But it'd be great to listen to intercom by default, then have the nav voice override or even coincide. Is there a way to have BOTH at the same time?

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    Todd Rigby

    This is how my old wired Autocom intercom worked.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Sena Bluetooth headset, and I'm not suggesting the Autocom was better.  But I did like how the Intercom, GPS, Radar Detector and Music could all operate simultaneously.  The phone was the only thing that switch off sound from the other devices.  

    My wife and I also leave the intercom on all the time.   We each ride our own bikes, and it is nice to talk like we are sitting in a car talking.  But I would like to be able to listen to music and simply have it reduce volume when one of us speaks.  And also be able to hear navigation instructions and my radar detector.

    In a perfect world, I would like to be able to set the priority of each device as it connects.  That way, Radar Detector could be first priority, GPS second priority, Intercom 3rd, and music 4th, with phone on an independent channel like intercom currently operates.

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    My wife and I are both equipped with SMH 10R on two different bikes. 
    When I use it alone, I can listen to GPS instructions (or music etc…) from my iPhone 5S. 
    I 'am also able to vox answer a phone call saying "hello" for example.

    When we ride together, we use the intercom and everything is fine.

    The problems : 
    1-When I try to use the GPS instructions from the iPhone and the intercom, I have the intercom communication, but I can't hear the GPS instructions. 
    2- While using the intercom, I cannot answer a phone call either with the voice saying "Hello" for example or by pushing the central button.

    I read carefully the user manual, but did not find anything to tune it correctly. 
    can you please explain what I should do ? 

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    If you're using your phone for GPS, your phone uses the A2DP channel to the SMH10R for GPS guidance. A2DP is the lowest priority and will not interrupt your intercom conversation. Standalone motorcycle GPS' like zumo 550 or 665 uses the HSP/HFP channel. And these GPS will interrupt your intercom.

    For phone calls, it should interrupt your intercom because calls uses HFP channel and has the highest priority. 

    When you have an incoming mobile phone call during an
    intercom conversation, you will hear a ring tone. You can
    choose whether to 1) answer the mobile phone call and stop the
    intercom conversation, or 2) reject the phone call and stay on
    the intercom conversation or 3) ignore the incoming phone call
    and allow the caller to go to voice mail.
    a. To answer the phone call and stop the intercom conversation,
    tap the Center Button. The phone VOX feature does not work
    if you are connected to intercom. When you hang up the
    phone call, the intercom will automatically be recovered.
    b. To reject the phone call and stay on the intercom conversation,
    press the Center Button for 2 seconds until you hear a beep.

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    Wouter Hermans

    Can you tell me what the priorities are when using 2 HSP/HPF connections?

    I used to have my Garmin Zumo wired up to a SR10 together with a 2 way radio on the "multipoint pairing" channel, while having my phone on the phone selective pairing.

    Now with a new motorcycle, I originally had my Navigator V paired using phone selective pairing (and my phone through the Navigator V), and the SR10 with 2 way radio on multipoint pairing. This, however, caused my 2 way radio transmissions to be interrupted by my satnav.

    I just put my satnav on multipoint pairing and SR10 on phone selective pairing. Will this give priority to the SR10 instead of my satnav?

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    Whit Brown

    I'm confused by your Quick Guide...It shows rider A can converse with riders B, C, and D.

    Can riders B, C and D converse with each other and A also without any special button pushing? ... Like can more than two riders riders converse like on a party line?

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    CHris Wenzler

    Dean: I appreciate your answers and have read through the phone priorities (and even used them exactly as you point out!).  My suggestion though lies in the exact wheel house of the two commenters above - Terry and Todd.  While my girlfriend and I like to talk using the intercom function as we ride, we can't both listen to music once the conversation stops.  If I am listening to Pandora or stored music via BT she cannot continue to talk with me.  We love talking as we ride since it is the PRIMARY reason we bought the Sena headsets.  But now that she's a lot better rider we'd kind of enjoy rocking out on our dual sports through the gravel of Arkansas too!  

    Any suggestions for work arounds or possible firmware upgrades to 're-prioritize' might be welcome  

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Anthony Lewis

    I understand the priority list. My question though, since I only have GPS on my phone, how do I get directions while using intercom. I just got the Sena GoPro Audio Backpack, and since it connects via intercom, I am not always without GPS or music if I want to record my voice. Seems like a bad trade-off. Is there a work-around or a firmware update in the future for this? Would making the intercom VOX activated instead of always on help? Thinking if I'm not talking for a bit, maybe I would then get some directions or music and then it would switch priority if I start talking? 

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