SMH10 - Using the VOX Intercom feature.

Unlike typical headset where voice activation sensitivity is low and where soft voice can easily trigger voice activation, SMH10 was designed to work in a noisy environment many riders experience. Thus, voice activation sensitivity is set higher than typical headset many of users maybe accustom to. If users are speaking too softly, the voice may not meet required sensitivity of SMH10. Even during active intercom, SMH10 will close intercom channel automatically. As a tip, just blowing into the microphone as if blowing dust off the microphone will easily trigger and help maintain VOX activated intercom.

At the same time, proper VOX operation heavily depends on riding environment as such as size of the motorcycle windshield, type of the helmet, and riding speed. SENA advise user to disable VOX mode unless they have a touring-sized windshield on your motorcycle, wear full-faced helmet, and normally ride below 80 mph. On open face helmet, it may be almost impossible to use this option. Due to wind/road noise, VOX may not be suitable if microphone is directly exposed to outside environment or if microphone is placed near a helmet opening. As a tip, tucking microphone further inside the helmet and using helmet's chin skirt will improve VOX operation and sound quality.
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