SR10 / SR10i - Delay when I try to talk with a radio connected using PTT button.

You will experience slightly delay if HFP connection between a bluetooth headset(SMH10) and SR10 has been disconnected or set a side. If SR10 connected to audio device/s(phone, wired audio like GPS or radar) is active, then your radio communication connection between SR10 and you will not experience delay.

As soon as incoming audio signal from the wired devices (two-way radio, mobile phone, GPS or radar detector) is detected by the SR10, the SR10 immediately makes a connection to the Bluetooth Headset and consequently users can hear a certain sound.
The examples of triggering audio signals are sound of the two-way radio incoming signal; GPS voice instruction, radar detector alarm or mobile phone ring tone.
If there is no incoming sound from the wired devices for a certain period of time, the SR10 disconnects itself from the Bluetooth headset.

Even if there is no incoming sound from the wired devices, users can also connect the SR10 manually to the Bluetooth headset by double tapping the PTT button on the SR10 or the wired PTT button extension.

Users can also double tap the PTT button while the SR10 is already connected to the Bluetooth headset to prevent it from disconnecting itself automatically. To disconnect the SR10 from the Bluetooth headset in this case, the user needs to double tap the PTT button again.

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