20S - Mobile Phone Pairing for GPS and Smartphone Paired Directly to GPS

Configuration #3 - This video explains pairing your 20S to your mobile phone then pairing directly to  GPS and what features are available under this configuration method.


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    Dave Mosher
    This tutorial solved my problem getting my Sena 20s to play music through my Garmin Zumo 595. I learned that you must NOT have the Sena paired with the iPhone and the GPS at the same time. There is a music icon in the GPS Blutooth window that stays grey while all other icons turn red indicating they are ready for use. Once you get that music icon to turn red all music sources will play through the headset. Via Bluetooth tooth the GPS multimedia player doesn't show cover art and the controls are limited to skip forward, skip back, pause and play. But if you connect a cable from the iPhone' lightning USB plug to the USB input of the Garmin bike harness you will get cover art, all controls plus the ability to search through all your playlists, songs, albums and artists. Another bonus is that your phone integrates with GPS on screen controls and charges too!
    There are two problems though that I have not resolved yet. First when the iPhone is not paired with the headset you need your GPS with you to get anything to play through the headset and you loose the Bluetooth link between the phone and headset for the Sena configuration software.
    The second deficiency is the inability to get all the volume levels from the various input sounds to work together. Either the music is screening to hear GPS when it cuts in or the music is comfortable and the GPS is either inaudible or so loud it hurts your ears.

    Note that if you have a handlebar or sleeve remote for your Sena you have full function when the iPhone is connected by cable but if you use Bluetooth from phone to GPS only the volume seems to work, music controls like pause, play, skip forward and back don't work.
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    The tutorial was all I needed to get the my music playing. I often have a number of task from this writing company and need music to keep me relaxed. This solved my problem. Thanks guy

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