20S - Product Registration Issue

Registration Error

When registering your product sometimes there are issues that might prevent you from completing the registration process.   For example, we have seen in some instances where a customer cannot find their state or country in the drop-down menus.   A few things you can try that might fix your issue are listed below:

  • Some things you can try whether you are using Windows or MAC. There is a lot of information loading on this page and if you go in before the page is ready your information might not be listed.  The first thing we suggest is to refresh your browser.   Try pressing the [Ctrl] + R to refresh your browser page or select the “refresh symbol” at the top of your browser  
  • The next thing you might try is to use a different browser. For example, if you use Chrome for Internet browsing then try Firefox or Internet Explorer. 
  • Try rebooting your computer. Sometimes there might be system updates preventing you for operating your computer correctly.  A reboot should clear any issues. 
  • If all else fails, then the Helpdesk is there to assist. Please return to your helpdesk ticket and list out all the information.  A copy of the form is shown below of the information needed.  The helpdesk Agent can even try to input the information on their end.   When completed you will receive an email from our Agent that registration is complete.


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