Universal Intercom

Universal Intercom allows you to have intercom conversations with users of non-Sena Bluetooth headsets. You can pair the X1 Smart Cycling Helmet with only one non-Sena headset at a time. The intercom distance depends on the performance of the Bluetooth headset to which it’s connected. When a non-Sena Bluetooth headset is paired with the Bluetooth Helmet, if another Bluetooth device is paired via Second Mobile Phone Pairing, it will be disconnected.

1. Execute Universal Intercom in the Configuration.

2. Put the non-Sena Bluetooth headset in Pairing Mode. The X1 Smart Cycling Helmet will
automatically pair with a non-Sena Bluetooth headset.

3. You can have Two-Way Intercom or Multi- Way Intercom communication with up to three
Intercom Friends using non-Sena headsets by following the procedures described below.


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