Voice Command

Voice Command

The voice command of the headset allows you to operate certain operations by simply using your voice. You can control the headset completely handsfree using the voice recognition. The voice command function works only with English commands.

Speak a voice command from the table below:


Mode Status: Standby/Intercom

Function Voice Command
Start/End each Intercom "Intercom [One, Two, Three]
End all Intercoms End Intercom"
Call Last Intercom "Last Intercom"
Group Intercom "Group Intercom"
Intercom Pairing "Pairing Intercom
Cancelling Operations "Cancel"

Mode Status: Standby/Music/FM Radio

Function Voice Command
Play/Pause Music "Music" or "Stereo"
Turn on/off FM Radio "FM Radio"
Check Battery "Check Battery"
Speed Dialing "Speed Dial [One, two, three,..]
Redial the last call "Redial"
Voice Command Help "What can I say"
Check Connected Devices "Connected Devices"
Configuration menu "Configuration"

Music/FM Radio

Function Voice Command
Next Track (Music) / Next Preset (FM Radio) "Next"
Previous Track (Music) / Previous Preset (FM Radio) "Previous"
Stop Music / FM Radio "Stop"

Standby /  Mesh Intercom

Function Voice Command
Mesh Intercom (On/Off) "Mesh Intercom"
End the Bluetooth and Mesh Intercom "End Intercom
Create a Mesh "Create Mesh"
Quit the Mesh "Quit Mesh"




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