Momentum Lite - Wearing the Helmet


Putting on the Helmet

1. Unfasten the chinstrap.

2. Gently pull the chinstrap outward and slide the helmet onto your head.

Note: A “chinstrap” is the nylon webbing that goes through the D-Rings.

3. Route the chinstrap under your chin, then thread it through both D-Rings.

4. To fasten securely, thread chinstrap back through the D-Ring closest to your neck, and pull.


Removing the Helmet

1. Loosen the chinstrap by pulling the red tab attached to the D-Rings.

2. Pull the chinstrap out from within the D-rings.

3. Gently pull the padded chinstrap outward and slide the helmet off your head.

Advice: Fastening the chinstrap after removing the helmet will help avoid scratching surfaces it’s placed upon.


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