Momentum Pro - Group Intercom

Group Intercom allows you to instantly create a Multi-Way Conference Intercom of up to eight
participants. You can create and start Group Intercom through your Smartphone App.

1. Start your Smartphone App and go to “Group Setting” under “Group Intercom”.

2. Browse your friends, and select up to seven other people you want to group with.

3. Check your friends and press “Save to My Momentum” on the screen.

4. Press “Connect” on the screen or tap the (+) and the (-) Button simultaneously to begin Group

5. When all of the Bluetooth system are connected together, everyone will hear the voice prompt,
“Group Intercom connected”.

6. To terminate Group Intercom, press the Center Button for 5 seconds during Group Intercom.
You will hear a voice prompt, “Group intercom terminated.”

Note: To use Group Intercom with more than four people, you must enable Eight-Way Intercom

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