Momentum INC Pro - Pre-Ride Helmet Inspection

Checking the Exterior

Check the helmet regularly for damage. Small, superficial scratches will not impair the
helmet’s protective qualities. In the case of more serious damage (cracks, dents, flaking
and cracking paint, etc.), the helmet should no longer be used.

Checking the Chinstrap

1. Ensure that the chinstrap is properly routed under your chin.

2. To test the chinstrap tension, slip your index finger under the chinstrap and pull. If the chinstrap is loose under the chin, it needs to be tightened. If the chinstrap loosens when you pull on it, the helmet is not properly fitted. Undo the chinstrap completely and try fastening it again, then repeat the test.

3. If you are unable to fasten the chinstrap so that it fits firmly against the chin, check that
your helmet is still the right size for you.

Note: Repeat the test after each adjustment.

Caution: : Never ride with the chinstrap unfastened or incorrectly adjusted. The
chinstrap should fit correctly and should not become loose when pulled. The fastener
is not correctly closed if the chinstrap becomes loose when pulled.

Checking the Face Shield

Before every ride, clean the face shield, check that it functions properly and that
its surface is scratch- and crack-free. A malfunctioning, badly scratched or dirty shield
will considerably impair your vision and should be replaced before riding.


- A heavily scratched face shield considerably interferes with visibility and should be replaced if necessary before riding.

- Stop riding if visibility is poor.


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