SFR - Software Configuration Setting

Software Configuration Setting

You can change the settings of the headset through the Sena Device Manager or the Sena Smartphone App.

Speed Dial

Assign phone numbers for speed dialing to make a phone call quickly.

Audio Source Priority (Default: Intercom)

Audio Source Priority allows you to select the priority between the intercom and music (which includes GPS app instructions and message notifications) from a smartphone. If the intercom is selected as the audio source priority, your music will be interrupted during an intercom conversation. If music is selected as the audio source priority, intercom conversations will be interrupted while your music is heard.

Audio Boost (Default: Disable)

Enabling Audio Boost increases the overall maximum volume. Disabling Audio Boost reduces the overall maximum volume, but delivers more balanced sound.

Smart Volume Control (Default: Disable)

Smart Volume Control automatically changes the level of the speaker volume based on the level of the environmental noise. When it is disabled, volume is controlled manually. You can enable the level adjustment by setting the sensitivity to low, medium, or high. Smart Volume Control responds to smaller environmental noises as the sensitivity level becomes higher.

VOX Phone (Default: Enable)

If this feature is enabled, you can answer incoming calls by voice. When you hear a ringtone for an incoming call, you can answer the phone by saying a word such as “Hello” loudly or by blowing air into the microphone. VOX phone is temporarily disabled if you are connected to intercom. If this feature is disabled, you have to tap the Center Button to answer an incoming call.

VOX Intercom (Default: Disable)

If this feature is enabled, you can initiate an intercom conversation with the last connected intercom friend by voice. When you want to start intercom, say a word such as “Hello” loudly or blow air into the microphone. If you start an intercom conversation by voice, the intercom terminates automatically when you and your intercom friend remain silent for 20 seconds. However, if you manually start an intercom conversation by tapping the Center Button, you have to terminate the intercom conversation manually.

However, if you start intercom by voice and end it manually by tapping the Center Button, you will not be able to start intercom by voice temporarily. In this case, you have to tap the Center Button to restart the intercom. This is to prevent repeated unintentional intercom connections by strong wind noise. After rebooting the headset, you can start intercom by voice again.

HD Voice (Default: Disable)

HD Voice allows you to communicate in high-definition during phone calls. This feature increases the quality so that the audio will be crisp and clear during phone call conversations. If this feature is enabled, incoming phone calls will interrupt intercom conversations and audio from the SR10 will not be heard during intercom conversations. Three-Way Conference Phone Call with Intercom Participant will not be available if HD Voice is enabled.

HD Intercom (Default: Enable)

HD Intercom enhances the two-way intercom audio from normal quality to HD quality. HD Intercom will become temporarily disabled when you enter into a multi-way intercom. If this feature is disabled, the two-way intercom audio will change to normal quality.

Intercom VOX Sensitivity (Default: 3)

VOX sensitivity can be adjusted depending on your riding environment. Level 5 is the highest sensitivity setting and 1 is the lowest.

Voice Prompts (Default: Enable)

You can disable voice prompts by software configuration settings, but the following voice prompts are always on.

–– Headset configuration settings menu, battery level indicator, speed dial, FM radio functions

RDS AF Setting (Default: Disable)

Radio Data System (RDS) Alternative Frequency (AF) Setting allows a receiver to re-tune to the second frequency location when the first signal becomes too weak. With RDS AF enabled on the receiver, a radio station with more than one frequency can be used.

FM Station Guide (Default: Enable)

When FM Station Guide is enabled, FM station frequencies are given by voice prompts as you select preset stations. When FM Station Guide is disabled, the voice prompts on FM station frequencies will not be given as you select preset stations.

Sidetone (Default: Disable)

Sidetone is audible feedback of your own voice. It helps you to naturally speak at the correct level according to varying helmet noise conditions. If this feature is enabled, you can hear what you are
speaking during an intercom conversation or a phone call.

Advanced Noise Control™ (Default: Enable)

When Advanced Noise Control is enabled, the background noise is reduced during an intercom conversation. When it is disabled, the background noise is mixed with your voice during intercom.



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