SMH5-FM - Intercom Reconnection

Intercom Reconnection

If your intercom friend goes out of range while having an intercom conversation, you may hear static noise and eventually the intercom will be disconnected. In this case, the SMH5-FM automatically tries to reconnect the intercom every 8 seconds. You will hear high tone
double beeps until the intercom is reestablished. If you don’t want to make a reconnection, tap the Jog Dial to stop the attempt.

Intercom Failure

When you try to start an intercom conversation with an intercom friend who is already having an intercom conversation with another intercom friend or a mobile phone call with another person, you will hear a low tone double beep signifying a busy signal. You will also hear a voice prompt saying “Intercom failed, try again later”. In this case, you have to try again later. On the other hand, the intercom friend will hear 4 high tone beeps alerting them that there is an incoming intercom call.


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