Pairing with a non-Sena Headset.

The 20S supports the Universal Intercom feature found in other Sena headsets. To pair the 20S to a non-Sena headset you will need to do the following steps:

1. On the 20S, enter the Configuration Menu by holding down the Jog Dial for 12 seconds until you hear the voice prompt say "Configuration". You can also activate the voice command system and give the voice command "Configuration".

2. Rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counter-clockwise until you hear the voice prompt "Universal Intercom".

3. Tap the Phone Button to place the 20S into Intercom Pairing mode.

4. On the non-Sena headset, perform the necessary actions to place the headset into Mobile Phone Pairing mode.

5. Wait for the devices to pair together.

You can initiate the Universal Intercom connection with non-Sena Bluetooth headsets using the same intercom connection method as you would between other Sena headsets. Make sure that the antenna is flipped up and you may single tap the Jog Dial to begin an intercom conversation with the first intercom friend, double tap with the second intercom friend, and triple tap with the third intercom friend.

Non-Sena Bluetooth headsets may initiate the Universal Intercom connection by activating the voice dialier or using the redialing operation. You may also disconnect the existing connection by ending a call operation function (refer to the user’s manual of the headsets for voice dialing, redialing, and ending a call).

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