20S - Installing onto a Motorcycle Helmet.

Here are the steps to install the Sena 20S into your motorcycle helmet:

1. Detach the main unit from the clamp kit.

2. If possible it is recommended to remove the cheek pads from your helmet for easier installation.

3. Loosen the screws on the back plate so that you can easily slide the clamp kit onto the helmet.

*Note #1: For off-road helmets you can use the additional rubber pads on the clamp kit to add more space between the helmet and the clamp kit so that there are no issues when sliding on the main unit.

4. Position the microphone in front of your mouth. On some versions of the microphone there is an arrow which needs to be facing towards your mouth. On other versions of the microphone there is a fin which needs to be facing away from your mouth.

5. Insert the speakers into the helmet.

6. Reattach the cheek pads.

7. Slide the main unit into the clamp kit until it clicks firmly into place.


To use the antenna on the 20S after the headset has been attached to the helmet, use the thumb on your left hand to push the tip of the antenna towards the helmet to cause it to flip up. This action can also be performed while wearing motorcycle gloves.




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