Music by Bluetooth Wireless Stereo

The 20S EVO supports the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), so if your Bluetooth audio device also supports the AVRCP, you can use the 20S EVO to remotely control music playback. Not only can you adjust the volume but you can also use the functions such as play, pause, next track and previous track. If the Audio Multitasking feature is enabled, you can listen to the music while having an intercom conversation.

1. To adjust the volume, rotate the Jog Dial.

2. To play or pause music, press and hold the Jog Dial for 1 second until you hear a double beep.

3. To track forward or track back, rotate while pressing the Jog Dial clockwise or counter clockwise.


Bluetooth music is available only when the MP3 port remains open. Please make sure the audio cable is unplugged from the clamp unit to play music by Bluetooth.

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