What is Intercom-Audio Overlay Sensitivity?

When the Audio Multitasking setting is enabled, if you talk over the intercom while music is playing, then the music volume will be lowered to play in the background. You can adjust the intercom sensitivity to activate this background music mode. To adjust this intercom sensitivity, tap the Phone Button when you hear the voice prompt, “Intercom-audio overlay sensitivity”. Rotate the Jog Dial to adjust the sensitivity level. Level 1 has the lowest sensitivity and level 10 has the highest sensitivity. Tap the Phone Button to save the level of sensitivity and you will hear the voice prompt “Save (#)”. Before you confirm the selected level, you can test its sensitivity by saying a word out loud or blowing into the mic. If your voice is larger than the sensitivity of the selected level, you will hear double beeps. If your voice is smaller than the sensitivity of the selected level, you will not hear anything.

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