How does Audio Multitasking work?

Audio Multitasking works by combining the audio signals from two Bluetooth modules together inside of a headset. These headsets are considered to have a dual-module Bluetooth architecture. If a headset only has one Bluetooth module then it is considered to have a single-module Bluetooth architecture. Sena headsets that have a single-module Bluetooth architecture can use Audio Multitasking by combining two different audio signals from the same Bluetooth module by automatically disabling the HD Intercom feature to allow a rider to talk in Normal Mode with other paired riders when using the intercom feature.

Sena Headsets with a Dual-Module Bluetooth Architecture That Support Audio Multitasking

  • 20S / 20S EVO
  • SRL / SRL2
  • Momentum
  • Momentum Pro
  • Momentum INC
  • Momentum INC Pro
  • 30K (in Mesh Intercom mode) (in Bluetooth Intercom mode with v2.0 firmware or higher)

Sena Headsets with a Single-Module Bluetooth Architecture That Support Audio Multitasking

  • 10S
  • 10R
  • 10C
  • 10U
  • 10Upad
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