SRL2 - Flip Up Helmet Installation

Flip Up Helmet Installation

To securely install the SRL2 on the flip up helmet, please follow this procedure.

1. Press the open cover button. While pressing the button, lift the face cover completely.

2. Push the tab on the right cover with your thumb.

3. While pushing the tab, insert the service tool into the groove and push to remove the cover.

4. Repeat the process on the other side to remove the left cover.

5. Push the tab on the rear cover and remove the rear cover with your thumbs.

6. Detach the snap fasteners of the internal paddings and remove the paddings from the helmet.


Installing the headset in to the helmet

1. Align the arrows on the right side speaker unit with the microphone cable and insert the microphone cable into the microphone connector.

2. Facing the USB port on the Bluetooth module toward the rear of the helmet, push the module into the corresponding slot until you hear a click.

3. Insert the helmet speakers and the microphone into the grooves in the inner shell of the helmet.

4. Slide the antenna into the corresponding place. Make sure that the grooves under the antenna fit the corresponding grooves.

5. Repeat the process on the other side to install the button module.

6. Slide the left and right clips into their corresponding sides
between the external shell and the inner shell.

7. Reattach the internal paddings beginning with the rear and click the snap fasteners.

8. Lower the face cover completely.




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