SRL2 - Voice Command

The voice command of the SRL2 allows you to operate certain operations by simply using your voice. You can control the SRL2 completely handsfree using the voice recognition. The voice command function works only with English commands.

Voice Command Procedure:

1. There are two ways to enter the voice command mode. The simplest way is to tap the Center Button and the (-) Button simultaneously. Another way is to say, “Hello Sena” during standby mode.

2. Speak a voice command from the table below:


1. Voice command performance may vary based on the environmental conditions including riding speed, helmet type and ambient noise. To improve the performance, minimize the wind noise on the microphone by using the large microphone sponge and closing the visor.

2. To activate the voice command during non-stand-by functions, tap the Center Button and the (-) Button simultaneously.

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