Can the Sena 30K use Audio Multitasking with the Sena FreeWire or the Harley-Davidson WHIM?

Harley-Davidson WHIM:

Mesh Intercom mode - No

Bluetooth Intercom mode - No


The 30K is not able to use the Audio Multitasking feature when it is paired to the Boom! Audio Infotainment system on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson Boom! Infotainment Audio system on the bike takes priority over all of the lower priority functions of the 30K like Mesh and Bluetooth Intercom, the FM radio, Bluetooth streaming music and GPS directions from a smartphone.


Only the Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth headset from Harley-Davidson allows the Audio Multitasking feature to be used in Mesh Intercom mode or Bluetooth Intercom mode when paired to Harley-Davidson Boom! Infotainment system.


Sena FreeWire: 

Mesh Intercom mode - Yes

Bluetooth Intercom mode - Yes


The 30K can use the Audio Multitasking feature when it is in Mesh Intercom mode and Bluetooth Intercom while it is connected to the FreeWire to hear the audio system on a Harley-Davidson or a Honda Gold Wing and talk over the intercom at the same time.

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