What is the difference between the SRL and the SRL2?

The SRL2 and SRL shares the same hardware (speakers, antenna, Bluetooth module and button module) except for the microphones. The new SRL2 is designed specifically for the 2019 Shoei GT-Air II helmet and the latest version of the Shoei Neotec II.


The new SRL2 comes with two types of microphones, a wired mic and a wired boom mic.

  • The wired microphone that is supplied with the SRL2 is a slimmer mic that adheres to the front inside of the Shoei GT-Air II full face helmet. You can use the wired mic if there is not enough space between your mouth and the front of helmet.



The SRL has a fixed boom microphone which is designed specifically for the Shoei Neotec II "flip-up" helmet.




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