Mesh Intercom Public Mode

Open Mesh is an open group intercom function. Users can freely communicate with each other in the same Open Mesh channel and select which channel (1-9) to use through the headset.

It can connect with a virtually unlimited number of users in each channel.


Starting Mesh Intercom

When Mesh Intercom is enabled, the 30K will automatically connect to nearby 30K users and allow them to talk to each other by pressing the Mesh Intercom Button.


Mesh Intercom On


 Mesh Intercom Off




Open Mesh and Group Mesh cannot communicate with the previous modes Public Mode and Private Mode. In case of no communication, the Momentum EVO should be upgraded to the latest firmware.


Channel Setting (Default: channel 1)

If the Open Mesh communication experiences interference because other groups are also using channel 1 (default), change the channel. You can select from channels 1 to 9.


Enter into the Channel Setting


Navigate Between Channels
(1 --> 2 --> ••• --> 8 --> 9 --> Exit --> 1 --> •••)


Save the Channel




  • Channel Setting always starts with channel 1.
  • If you do not press any button for approximately 10 seconds in a specific channel, the channel is automatically saved.
  • The channel will be remembered even if you turn off the Momentum EVO.
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