Mesh Intercom Private Mode

A Mesh is a closed network of headsets where participants can leave, join or rejoin a group intercom conversation without affecting the connection between each of the headsets. For a closed intercom conversation using Mesh Intercom, a Mesh needs to be created by a user. When a user creates a Mesh, the headset automatically switches from Public Mode to Private Mode.

Mesh Intercom in Private Mode


• Max. participants : 15 participants + 1 creator
• 6 people talk at the same time.

Private Mode

When the headset is in Private Mode, it can connect with up to 15 other Momentum EVO headsets. The range between each headset in Private Mode can be up to 2.0 km (1.2 miles). The Mesh can extend up to 8.0 km (5.0 miles) head-to-tail during a closed intercom conversation.

Within this group, 6 users can talk at the same time for an optimized closed group conversation. The audio quality when communicating in a Mesh automatically adjusts according to the number of participants. When connected together in a Mesh, the headset will automatically save the connection information from all of the other headsets that it has connected to for future Mesh Intercom group communication.


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