What if my camera keeps disconnecting from the Sena Camera App?

If your camera keeps disconnecting from the Sena Camera App on your Android phone (does not apply to iPhone) then it may be caused by a new setting in Android version 8.1 or later which evaluates that the WiFi on your camera is not strong enough and is automatically switching to a stronger WiFi connection. This causes the WiFi to repeatedly connect and disconnect.


If you have a setting called "Switch to mobile data" enabled on your phone then the camera will automatically be disconnected each time you try to connect to it due to the low WiFi signal strength.


If the setting "Switch to mobile data" is disabled on your phone, a pop-up may appear asking whether you want keep the WiFi connection or switch to your mobile data. Do not switch to your mobile data because it will automatically disconnect the WiFi connection with your camera use your mobile data to connect your phone to the Internet.

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