How is Mesh Intercom 2.0 on the 50S different than Mesh Intercom 1.0?

The Mesh Intercom feature on the 50S (referred to as Mesh 2.0) has been improved compared to the Mesh Intercom 1.0 that was introduced with the 30K. Mesh 2.0 features a robust connection, enhancing communication. 6 people can speak at the same time while a limitless number of participants can listen in. Communication response time has been improved by 25% from Mesh 1.0. Mesh 2.0 also introduces brand new ways to connect with other riders on the road. With Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom, you have 9 channels available, an industry first! Switch between channels to converse with different groups participating in Mesh communication. Or, switch over to Group Mesh to create a private group and have up to 24 participants.

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