Intercom Pairing

Intercom Pairing

Up to three other people can be paired with the helmet for Bluetooth intercom conversations.


1. Rotate while pressing the Jog dial clockwise for 5 seconds when the two helmet            (A and B) are turned off. You will hear a voice prompt, “Configuration menu”.

2. Rotate the Jog dial until you hear a voice prompt, “Intercom pairing”.

3. Simply tap the Jog dial of any one of the two helmet A or B and wait until                        the intercom connection is automatically established.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to pair with Intercom Friends C & D.

5. The intercom pairing queue is ‘Last-Come, First-Served’ . If a headset has                      multiple paired headsets for intercom conversations, the last paired headset is set as      first intercom friend . The previous intercom friend becomes second intercom              friend, and third intercom friend .



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