Latest firmware number conflict due to new chipsets (50 and 30 series)

Due to a supply shortage, some of the latest 50 Series and 30 series are being made with a new chipset in their logic board. That difference in logic board type in some of our devices led to a need for a slight difference in firmware to accommodate for the new chipsets. This has led to some confusion among our users because when they check for a firmware update their devices show a firmware number that is higher than what the app or device manager shows as "latest firmware" (see example below).
The new chip doesn't affect the performance of the devices at all. The devices with the new chipset actually come from the factory with firmware with a higher number (v1.0.9 on a 50 series) than the latest that than the latest (v1.0.8 on a 50 series). However, the functions of the firmware v1.0.8 and v1.0.9 are the same, just the chipset that is different. 
It is imperative that users with a firmware version that is greater than what the app or device manager shows as "latest"  TO NOT  update their devices with a lower number version. Updating those devices to the lower number firmware will cause the devices with the new chipset to become defective.

This difference in firmware number will be normalized in a future firmware version. 
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