Zello, Sena 50S, and mesh controls

Using Zello on a Pixel 6a, for communication beyond ranges that Sena and VHF radio would support. 

What I am seeing is that Zello, when connected to a channel with audio set to headset mode, prevents me from using my Sena mesh on/off button and getting the "mesh intercom on/off" voice acknowledgement.

When Zello is not in headset mode, it takes mic in from the phone speaker so it's largely useless with unintelligible audio. But it gives me back control over Sena mesh. 

I have more tinkering to do. I'm hoping for some insights from you folks. I'm aiming to keep Zello working via Sena (mic and audio) to phone, and have mesh control (on/off, and mic on/off).

It seems that:

1) When Zello goes to headset mode, the Sena starts blue double flashing. And that's taking over mesh. Does that make sense?

2) Not sure yet if it turns mesh off, or just prevents me from changing mesh status.

3) Also not sure, but our folks with iPhones did not seem to have this problem bouncing between hobbled mesh controls and losing the headset mic. Perhaps the iPhone handles the mic out differently than Android does.

Thanks for any insights.

BTW, I can't sidestep this with RideConnected, since I have to allow for some phone only (not on a motorcycle/no headset) and some non-Sena users. Zello works great with the Senas, but for this one hiccup.

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