S20 "FM RADIO" voice command does NOT shut off the radio.

The problem is the voice command "FM RADIO" does NOT shut off the radio.

I get the "beep beep" like it heard me to tell it to turn the radio off, but I do not get the confirmation "RADIO OFF", and so even though the headset is NOT playing music, the radio is still on.

Once I get into this loop, I cannot turn the radio on nor off, even thought I still get the beeps (including when I hold the phone button down for two seconds).

I have to turn the unit off to reset it, and then it is ok, UNTIL I say "FM RADIO" to turn OFF the radio.

BTW, If I turn the radio on with the voice command or the phone button, it turns on, and as long as I turn it off with the phone button it works GREAT!

But, if I say "FM RADIO" I get "beep beep" and silence (and the radio station when I try to make a phone call).

PS. I have gone back to v1.7.1 as BOTH versions of the firmware (v1.6.3) have the same problem.





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