20S issues (multiple)

I have 2 (two) 20S units, one on my helmet and one on my girlfriend's. My girlfriend's is brand new, installed about three days ago. Mine is fairly new, installed about three weeks ago. During my Sunday group rides with buddies, my 20S will turn off on its own. It's fairly consistent, but never in exact time increments. I thought it was due to inactivity so I would turn my volume down and back up now and then to see if that helped. Still shuts off. Now it's just random. There's issue number one. Issue number two, we finally got to test the pairing between my 20S and my girlfriend's 20S yesterday, and one of her speakers went out. I said it was weird, but my speaker went out this morning. I made sure wires weren't bent weirdly or anything, and nothing was wrong. I setup her 20S yesterday with the new update and then updated mine to the newest software too. Could there be a bug with the new software update that caused the speaker issues?


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