My SC1 works very badly - I am very disappointed

My SC1 is unusable in intercom.
Conversations over 30KM / h are impossible.
The bluetooth links are not stable.
If a call arrives during an INTERCOM connection, the INTERCOM connection will not be re-established at the end of the call.
I have to switch off and reactivate the two headphones to establish the INTERCOM link.
The automatic volume control is not good.
My friend who has the same helmet has the same problems.
So the problem comes from SC1.
I want to know what SENA is thinking about doing to solve the problem.
Sena is a great brand that will have to be reactive.
I ask that this problem be resolved very quickly because my Schubert SC1 is unusable which is a scandal for a headset and intercom has this price.


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