20S Randomly beeps and shut downs

Hello all. I just purchased my 20s unit yesterday. I noticed right away that when I had the multitasking enabled, I could not talk to another unit (Sena SPH10) when listening to my satellite radio connected through the auxiliary port. The sph10 simply could not hear me and I could not hear them through the intercom.

I finally figured out how to shut off multitasking and was able to intercom successfully. Although I was paired successfully and could intercom successfully, my unit would just randomly shut off. During this setup I was using the speakers that come with the unit

I was paired to my iphone 7 through bluetooth, the other headset and was listening to my satellite through the auxiliary cord. I went home and updated the firmware and did a factory reset per the help desk which caused MORE problems.

Now I am paired to my iphone 7 and the other headset through blue tooth and listened to the satellite radio through auxiliary but added my iphone earbuds to the mess through the headset port. Now comes the horror. I can intercom the other unit, but while conversing I get an ear blowing beep which nearly blows your ears out. It will do this a few times and if you leave the intercom on, the unit will shut off. The other problem is that when it shuts off, it loses all the configurations I just set.

I was told by the company I purchased this unit from that I can plug the earbuds into the headset port and it will automatically shut off the included speakers. They also told me I could take the speakers out and plug the earbuds into the speakers port instead. I guess I'll try that next.

Is there a fix for this? Its almost unusable if I can't get this thing fixed as I can't be turning off the multitasking so I can use the intercom, every time this thing shuts itself off.  Maybe I should return it and try the Packtalk instead? Any suggestions? This thing was too expensive to not work as expected!!!

As stated above, the help desk has already been contacted and they had me do a factory reset which caused more problems. HELP!!!


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