Harley Davidson Wireless Headset Interface Module (WHIM)



  • Pim de Leeuw
    Pim de Leeuw

    I have the same problem with my  befriended Harley group.

    We had the 20 S system and wanted to upgrade (because the group of riders became bigger. we bought 15 units of the 30K model.

    7 of our group use the infotainment system (Boom Audio) from Harley Davidson. We all installed the Whim unit. And to our disgust the system doesn't work. We are really pissed off about it.


    Why doesn't Sena give us a software update so the system will work.


    When their protectionism stays this intransigent they will lose a lot of customers.


    They make great stuff but this is not the way to keep your customers happy.



  • Tim Michael
    Tim Michael

    I have a 2018 Street Glide with the WHIM  module verbaut.

    Currently I am using a Schuberth C4 with the SC1 Advanced.

    This ist also only connecting in Mono!

    What a Rip OFF!

    Sena Please Release a fix, oder allow us to flash the Harley Version of the Software. I would like to here the Premium Sena Sound on my Premium Bike!


  • Wayne Pauly
    Wayne Pauly

    Harley stated that the WHIM would only work with H-D branded 20S headsets. I talked to the Sena rep at Daytona Bike Week in March in which he stated that there is a chipset difference making the H-D 20S the only headset to connect in stereo. Frankly, I think it was an important move on H-D's part to minimize their service headaches with unknown headsets; however, it sucks for the rest of us.  I have the Freewire on my FLTRUSE that works modestly well with my phone and the Freewire hooked up.  Add one more device and the system is unpredictable.

  • Bill Chaney
    Bill Chaney

    Blame HD, not Sena.....  Sad that HD would do what they did, but they did...



  • Emilio Radius
    Emilio Radius

    I just discovered that Sena10S with Firmware 1.5 non longer works with WHIM. Once downgraded to 1.4.1 it goes like a charm (mono, etc etc but it works) 

  • Craig Wallace
    Craig Wallace

    This is an interesting article that I found:


    This statement made me LAUGH and CUSS!

    Harley-Davidson headsets feature proprietary software that delivers superior audio quality with stereo output compared to non-Harley headsets which provide a mono sound output.

    Superior Audio my ass, you merely prevent identical Sena Headsets from playing in Stereo - can anyone say HARLEY TAX!!! 

  • michael.j.christopher

    Purchased a Neotec II helmet and SRL earlier this year.  There doesn't even seem to be a Harley Version for the SRL. Couldn't be more disappointed in both companies.  

  • rob Lewis
    rob Lewis

    I was stupid and purchased both the whim and a Harley (Sena) headset it’s been very costly and it is terrible the audio crackles, I’m selling the bike and the headset Sena should never have jumped in with Harley

  • David Otis
    David Otis

    I have 2 SPH10H-FM headsets. One for me and one for my wife. I have three H-D motorycles. Two of the H-D motorcycles have Garmin GPS'. The other motorcycle has an Infotainment System and a WHIM installed. The headsets seem to  work well with our iPhones and the Garmin GPS' insalled on two of my Harley's. On of the H-D's is a Road Glide Limited. Neither headsets works very well with the infotainment system. I can get both headsets to pair with the infotainment system. When I test the headsets with the headsets and the radio on, initially, both headsets work. If I cycle power on either the infotainment system or the passenger headset, the passenger headset no stop working and the screen on the infotainment system indicates the passenger headset is idle. To get the headset to work again, I have to "forget".and "pair" the passenger headset to the Infotainment System again. Also, when I test the intercom, they both work with the motorcycle off. If I turn the motorcycle on,  intercom between the headsets stops working.. 


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