New 30k model.. Same old tiny speakers and Bluetooth 4.1? really?

Having been a big fan of Sena since the smh5 came out, I can't say I'm sticking with Sena anymore. I have the 10s on my street helmets, and the smh5 and smh10 on 3 of my dirtbike helmets. I was really amazed when the 10s didn't even have up-to-date bluetooth but now with the 30k just out, and with 4.1??? Common guys. The two most popular brand phones, Samsung and iPhone as well as several other brands, are on 5.0. That mismatch limits the 2-way phone functions such as voice commands, reading/sending text, and navigational commands. There's nothing better than hearing a notification from your phone that you have a text message.. 

Sena - ding ding: (you have to assume it's your text message since it doesn't say "you have a new message like it used to when phones were at 4.0/4.1)

rider-  push button: "Read new text message"

Sena - "you have a new text message" then nothing. Doesn't even say who it's from

rider - push button: "Read new text message"

Sena - finally reads message but doesn't say who it's from or give you the option of responding at the end

rider - push button: "new text message, wife, mobile.. I'll be home in 10 mins"

Sena - reads back message, "do you want to send"?

rider - send.

rider - home already and text message was a fruitful waste of time.

oh, and heaven forbid you get multiple text messages at the same time, you can't choose which one to answer and if they are from the same person, you'll only hear the last one sent. A tab bit frustrating to say the least. 

Moving on to the next big disappointment are the speakers. Unless you're riding with a Schuberth helmet, these tin cup sounding speakers are useless for music. Why even have FM/bluetooth audio built into them? It's just not rocket science to have great headphone-quality speakers. The forums have been complaining about them for years along with the limited volume. 

I'd like to blame it on the phones, but having it work just as bad on the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 8, it's apparent it's not the phone that has the problem.


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