30K DOA or am i missing something?

so charged the unit up over night and got the blue charged light this am.

held the phone button many times over a second but nada no beeps no LED indicator lights on.

the blue light does change back to red for a second but then back to blue shortly thereafter.

i updated the firmware (to v1.0.1)  but that didn't change anything.  You can update the firmware since it doesn't require the unit to turn on for that process according to the online Sena Device manager firmware steps.  When i have it plugged into the computer via the usb charging cable it makes an error sound when i hold down the phone button on the SeNA 30K unit over 1s so something is acknowledging i'm pressing it on the helmet unit....  but nothing sounds or lights up on the 30K.

i haven't had a DOA in a while so i guess it was my turn to get got! on the quality control russian roulette.  There isn't enough time yet to see if this is common with only a two day new model.

any last suggestions before i RMA back to revzilla?


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