Horrible customer service for tech support!



  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    Get used to it.  SENA have a very bad reputation in their so called Customer Service area and they need to address it.

    Another solution you could explore is post the details of your SENA's and your phones here and someone who has the same set up maybe able to help you.


    Justy a thought.

  • helenolin

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  • Bruce Corder
    Bruce Corder

    Have had my 20S dual's since the fall of 2014, they were replaced under warranty in the spring of 2015.  Still having issues with playing music.  At this time I must do a factory reset on the 20S, then pair up to my phone and GPS again.  Works until I shut off the bike and lose the GPS.  On restarting the bike (and the GPS is powered up again) no longer able to play music and sometimes no GPS directions either.  Have the latest firmware and tech support says since I'm out of warranty I'm on my own.  SO I'm going to replace the 20S with a Cardo Packtalk.  Guess I'll find out how good their tech support is. 

  • Stevenandrews1983

    Great to see everyone is having a good time with this company, between two of us we've spent almost £1000 on sena gear. then to be told flippantly to buy another microphone. p**ses me off!


  • Red Leader
    Red Leader


    Have you tried connecting your iPhone to your Nav VI, then connect your Nav VI to your 20S? Not sure if the Nav VI will adjust the music when it gives directions but if it does, there's your fix. 

    The other alternative....

    Use Google Maps app on your iPhone as your GPS system. Go to Settings (a little gear icon), Navigation, and hit "Louder" for Guidance Volume. It will turn down your music and give directions. 

    You can also download offline maps ahead of time so you don't have to use data on your drive. 


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