SR10 PTT from SPH10 by BlueTooth.


I am using an SPH10 headset with an SR10 two-way radio unit. Everything works well and reliably, but the lack of a PTT button on the headset makes it impossible to walk around with the headset away from the SR10’s PTT or the wired PTT. I need a PTT on the headset.

There are two ways I can think of to implement this feature:

1) if the Cellphone bluetooth connection is not used on the SPH10, the SPH10 phone button could be used as a PTT and relayed to the SR10 which could then operate the PTT on the two-way radio.

2) if the MP3 audio input on the SPH10 can detect a ‘ground’ or low-impedance, a wired PTT could be connected there and thus provide a PTT function on the SPH10 with the wired PTT provided with the SR10 or a shorter PTT right on the SPH10.

Having to be in close proximity to the SR10 for its PTT button or having to use a long PTT external cable is not an option, and having a PTT on the headset itself would be perfect and a good selling feature as well, as I am sure I am not the only one looking for this functionality.

Can you please forward this request to your design/engineering department for consideration, and let me know if such a feature could be available with the next software release.

Thank you and regards,

Nick Bonniere


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