Freewire losing power

Damn.  I had to replace my freewire in Feb because the mic didn't work while using it.  

A couple months ago I got a new bike, 2014 Harley, and did the same setup, y cable under the seat with one port going to the gas tank as normal and another going to the tour pak where the freewire was plugged into the lighter.  Worked like a charm for about a month.  Now it's starting to turn itself on and off at will when it should just stay on.  

Yes, reset it, etc.  I've also plugged a wired helmet into both ports just to make sure it wasn't something with the y cable. Wired helmet works fine.  

The freewire blue light goes out for a while when it dies.  Not the blinking, I mean there is no power to the thing, then comes back on for a second or two then goes away again.  sometimes back on for 10 seconds, sometimes for 1, sometimes for 30-40 seconds then turns back off. 


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