Sena 30K can't multi-task

I just got a Sena 30K dual set, and I'm more than a little disappointed.  When the bluetooth intercom is enabled, you can not listen to music or use any other connected device. The VOX intercom function does not automatically cut in over the music. When you turn the intercom on, everything else just shuts off, and if you want to go back to listening to music or using another device you have to turn the bluetooth intercom off altogether.  I've been through every single setting in the system and it simply does not work.

The whole reason I purchased these was to have rider to passenger intercom and music and GPS commands in my headset.  It seems like they put way too much focus on this Mesh network, and didn't get the basic stuff right. 

I'm curious to know if Sena is aware of this problem and if they have a fix, because I'm ready to put them back in the box and ship them back for a refund.

I also think that trying to connect bike-to-bike via bluetooth is going to turn out to be an exercise in total frustration. What Sena really needs for bike-to-bike communication is a FRS or GMRS radio that can pair with the Sena headset, and then use FRS for bike-to-bike.



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